AHS ACT scores above state average
for the third year in a row

Altus High School ACT scores continue to rank above the state average

According to the most current ACT report, Altus High School student ACT scores are above the state of Oklahoma average for the third year in a row.  Data released in August of 2016 documents the trends for Altus High School and the State of Oklahoma over a five-year period. The 2016 graduating class of AHS had an average composite score of 21.1 compared to the 20.4 average across the state.

 “Altus High School students have maintained ACT scores that are above state averages for the past three years.  About 74% of the 2016 graduating class participated in the ACT exam.  I am very proud and encouraged by the trend in ACT scores from our students. This trend indicates that the rigor of coursework that is provided to students is increasing and reflects well on the teachers who help prepare students to take the ACT and is a good indicator of a student’s potential success in post-secondary education courses,” stated High School Principal, Rita Beisel. 

The emphasis placed on reading in all classrooms in grades Pre-K through 12th grade is continuing to pay dividends as the average reading score for AHS graduates is 1.5 points higher than the state average.  The 2016 composite reading score of 22.8 is another .4 gain after 2015’s full point increase.

"Our ACT scores at Altus High School continue to show an upward trend that far exceeds the state average.  That's a reflection of many factors including the dedication of our entire staff and the emphasis we've place on reading as a district-wide goal.  There is a strong correlation between reading comprehension and its relationship to success in other academic subjects," responded Superintendent Roger Hill.

Hill went on to say, "Our entire community benefits by having a student population that is college or career ready.  The ACT scores is one of the best indicators we have to make that determination."

According to the report, 66% of Altus students who have concurrently enrolled in college English Composition are more likely to obtain a B average in corresponding credit-bearing college courses.  This is .5% higher than others across the state. 

Altus Chamber of Commerce CEO, Brian Bush stated, The latest ACT results are yet another example of the strong education system in Altus, and they reflect a pattern of success that is both reassuring to families and exciting to business owners.  Parents can know the outstanding education their children are receiving in Altus means those students are being prepared for a bright future, and employers can be confident there is a talented, educated workforce right here in Altus ready to take their businesses to the next level.” 

Bush added, “I am so proud of the dedicated educators in the Altus school system and so thankful that my own children are receiving such a quality education.”













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Sysco Chef Inservice Attendees:  AHS - Terry Parten-Hilton, Maria Barton, Peng West, Debbie Nunez, Elaine Hawkins, AJH - Maria Mandery, Oralia Perez, Enida Barclay, Quadalupe Ramirez, Nanci Tapia  RI - Gloria Casias, Trinda Trijo, Cynthia Castro, WA - Ruth Ortega, Will Rogers - Roberta Thompson  District - Sabina Garrett, Amanda Davis 
Chef Ryan Parker, Sysco, visited Altus Public Schools on 08 April 2016.  He toured several district kitchens and cafeterias offering professional advice and recommendations on management and operations of our food service program.  Additionally, he conducted an inservice to district Cafeteria Managers and Cooks fo-cusing on “cooking smart with spices”.  The training was filmed by an AHS student to be shown to Nutri-tion I and Nutrition II students in the future, as well.  
Chef Ryan offered insight for incorporating spices into menu and recipe development while maintaining compliance with the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.  He noted that “there is no quicker way to change a menu dish than with spices” and offered some simple “Chef touches” that can be incorporated into a school kitchen such as using a “spice blend” to create an amazing array of foods from everyday meats and vegetables.  Chef Ryan reminded the Cook staff that herbs and spices loose their color and flavor if not staged in a dark area.  Spices should be changed out every 3 months
Chef Parker wisely stated that “ food is not healthy, food is nutritious and has nutritional value”. 

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