Support Listings

Job Title Location Date Posted
Activity Bus Driver District 4-15-15
Grounds and Maintenance Employee  District  9-29-16
 Secretary   AHS  2-14-17
 Secretary to Director of Curriculum   BOE 2-28-17
 Custodian  District   2-14-17
Custodian District 2-14-17
 Cafeteria Clerk   AJH  2-14-17
Library Aide  Altus Early Childhood Center 2-14-17
 Dance Team Coach  AHS   2-14-17

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Certified Listings

Job Title Location Date Posted
Altus High School Head Boys Basketball Coach with teaching position  AHS  3-24-17
Altus High School Head Softball Coach with teaching position AHS  3-20-17
Altus High School Principal  AHS  3-10-17
Dance Team  Coach AHS  2-14-17 

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