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Cheaney-webKen Fergeson, left, presents the Oklahoma All-State Flag to Chris Cheaney, right, and AHS principal, Dr. Mark Haught, center.  The flag will be flown at Altus High School in honor of Chris' selection to the Oklahoma Academic All-State Class of 2010.

 The annual Altus High School Senior Awards Assembly was held May 18th, during which Altus seniors were awarded $2,392,887 in scholarships and awards to colleges, universities, and trade schools from around the nation.

The first award presented was to Chris Cheaney, who was recognized as an Oklahoma Academic All-Stater and presented with a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by First National Bank of Altus.  Cheaney also received a National Merit Scholarship package in the amount of $48,000 to attend the University of Oklahoma.

Receiving the Earl Herron Memorial Track Scholarship of $340 was Janelle Durrough.  Kelsey Byrd was presented with the $535 Jennifer Harkins Memorial Scholarship.  Air Force Association Scholarships of $250 each went to Cody Nelson and Michelle Carnes.


Next, Morgan Golden received the $300 Dennis Rambo Memorial Scholarship.  Matthew Gildstad was presented with a $36,000 Air Force JROTC Scholarship, and Catherine Lindner received a $57,600 Air Force JROTC Scholarship, as well as a $98,400 scholarship to attend Capital University in Columbus, OH.

John Morrow, left, is presented with the A.E.A. Frances Herron Award by Dr. Mark Haught, Altus High School principal.  The award is presented annually to Altus High School’s top graduate, in recognition of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. 

The Altus Education Association Scholarship ($500) went to Allie Dorenkamp, and the Altus Mat Maid Scholarship ($2,000) went to Nicole Stange.  The AHS Cheer Boosters Scholarship ($300) was presented to Darby Medders, and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship ($10,000) went to John Morrow. 

Cole Childers was awarded the Coca Cola Johnston Legacy Scholarship ($20,000), as well as the Future Agriculture Education Teacher Scholarship ($1,000) and the Oklahoma Pork Council Scholarship ($2,000).

The Altus Air Force Base Spouses Club Scholarships were presented to Jessica Kelsey ($1,250), Catherine Linder ($1,000), Jessica Roy ($750), Jamie Anderson ($750), and Bonnie Stallman ($600).

Next, representatives from the Trail Dance Film Festival presented $2,000 each to Alex and Todd Greenlee, in honor of their winning entries the past two years in the high school division of the film festival.

The Heather Bryce Memorial Dance Scholarship ($750) went to Rachel Gover, while the Heather Bryce KAY Memorial Scholarship ($225) was presented to Whitney Meadows.  KAY Scholarships of $150 were also presented to Alexandra Null, Kelsey Byrd, and Lindsay Williamson.

In addition to the National Merit Scholarship package that went to Chris Cheaney, the University of Oklahoma presented the following scholarships:  Anthony Cuthbert Balch Memorial ($4,000) to Stacie Price; Sooner Opportunity ($1,000) to John Morrow, Jesse Schettler, Chris Cheaney, and Stacie Price; Awards of Excellence ($10,000) to Dillon Ridley, Jesse Schettler, and Stacie Price; College of Engineering Award ($2,500) to Jesse Schettler; Honors Scholarship ($8,000) to John Morrow; Music Scholarship ($12,000) to John Morrow; President's Community Scholar ($1,000) to Alexandra Null; President's Leadership ($750) to John Morrow; and Valedictorian/Salutatorian ($8,000) to Todd Greenlee.

Nicole Stange received an appointment to the Air Force Academy, valued at $470,000.  An Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship of $220,000 went to Morgan Golden, and she also received Academic and Merit Scholarships from the University of San Francisco valued at $36,000.

The VFW Ladies Auxiliary presented $500 awards to Cody Briscoe, Delana Holt, and Stacie Price, and the Delta Sigma Theta Award of $500 went to Michelle Carnes.  St. John's Baptist Church Academic Scholarships ($50) went to Cora Davis, Jonathan Nails, Gabrielle Foster, Dexter Thomas, Sammone Copeland, and Michelle Carnes.

Altus Lions Club presented the Bill Lunderson Trust Scholarship ($350) to Cody Briscoe and the Lions Club Scholarship ($350) to Kamden Phillips.

Delta Eta Sorority presented the following Miss Altus Pageant Scholarships:  Alexandra Null, 2nd Runner-Up ($600) and Pizazz Award ($100); Lindsay Williamson, 4th Runner-Up ($300) and Visual/Performing Arts ($50); Stacie Price, Non-Finalist Talent Award ($100) and Cash Award ($125); and Rachel Gover, Cash Award ($125).

The Altus Great Plains Recreation presented the following scholarships:  the $300 Buck Mimms Scholarship to Sinjin Cramer, the $300 Jack Barnes Scholarship to Ryan Feller, and the $300 Jake Barnes Scholarship to Brandon Ybarra.

The James Blackwell Memorial Award ($400) went to Kaleb Evans, and the Altus Hispanic Association Awards ($500) went to Alfonso Hernandez and Aracely Santillan.  The Oklahoma City Community Foundation H.W. Almen Scholarship of $4,000 went to Dalton Gunkel, and the Kappa Alpha Psi Awards ($500) went to Jonathan Nails and David Powell.

Navy G.I. Bill Scholarships of $140,000 each went to Shawn Holt and William Colt Hocker.  Gabrielle Foster received an Air Force G.I. Bill Scholarship of $134,000.

Cameron University presented Jessica Roy with a Freshman Scholarship ($1,600) and a Music Scholarship ($2,000), and Jordan Brickhouse with a PLUS Scholarship ($17,300) and a Music Scholarship ($710).

The Altus Rotary Club presented $200 awards to each of this year's Junior Rotarians:  John Morrow, Alex Greenlee, Todd Greenlee, Dalton Gunkel, Janelle Durrough, Alexandra Null, Darby Medders, Rachel Gover, Chris Cheaney, Grace Fairchild, Jessica Kelsey, Ericka Sollis, Jesse Schettler, Molly Wakeman, Chelsea Chargualaf, Lindsay Williamson, and Stacie Price.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University awarded the following scholarships:  Freshman Academic ($1,000) to Ryan Feller and Reece Woolbright; Regents' Baccalaureate ($35,736) to Dillon Ridley, John Morrow, and Jesse Schettler; Marching ($1,750) to Chelsea Chargualaf and Stacie Price; Marching ($1,500) to Vanessa Delgado; Music Performance to Vanessa Delgado ($6,500), Chelsea Chargualaf ($10,000), and Stacie Price ($6,000); Room Scholarships to Jessica Kelsey ($6,400), Spencer Prough ($2,000), and Zachary Neely ($2,000); Southwestern Scholar ($2,856) to Britney Espinosa, Jamie Anderson, Kamden Phillips; and the University Scholar Award ($16,224) to Jessica Kelsey.

Receiving a scholarship from the Lawton Community Foundation ($1,500) was Zachary Neely.  Ericka Sollis was presented with a Merit Scholarship ($34,000) from Baylor University, and Cody Briscoe received a Freshman Scholarship ($1,200) from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology.  Braxton Wenk was presented with academic and church-matching scholarships totalling $7,000 to Southwestern College in Kansas.

Athletic scholarships went to the following students, who will play a sport in college:  Ryan Feller, football at Southwestern Oklahoma State University ($32,000); Gerard Harris, football at University of Central Oklahoma ($48,000); Trevor Sterling, wrestling at Wyoming University ($56,000); Drew Thomas, swimming at Concordia University ($56,000); Braxton Wenk, football at Southwestern College ($4,000); Derrick Bull, basketball at Clarendon College ($4,500); and Janelle Durrough, track at Wayland Baptist University in Texas ($32,000).

Kamden Phillips was presented with the Oklahoma Athletic Trainers Association Scholarship ($600), and Janelle Durrough received the Oklahoma Coaches Association Scholar Athlete Scholarship ($500).  Jesse Schettler was presented with the OSSAA/State Farm Wrestling Scholarship ($750).

Oklahoma State University presented the following awards:  Academic Excellence ($8,000) to Ericka Sollis, Sarah Pope, and Lindsay Williamson; Regents' Distinguished Scholarship ($10,000) to Jesse Schettler, John Morrow, and Dillon Ridley; and George Lee/Wimlore Scholarship ($3,000) to Jesse Schettler.

Southwest Technology Center presented the following 13th year scholarships:  Automotive ($1,100) to Brandon Caron, Jacob McDowell, and Erick Santana; Aviation ($2,000) to Jonathan Nails; BCT/ACCT ($1,100) to Alfonso Hernandez, Eleonor Ignacio, Leticia Lopez, and Brooke Lopez; BCT/MED ($1,250) to Beatriz Maya and Lisa Kiniry; Electronics ($1,100) to Jonathan Harris, Alex Hitts, Thompson Ho, and Gustavo Martinez; HST ($1,100) to Ashley Johnson and Shelbi Luna; OJT ($1,100) to Jose Salinas and Ryan Buddenhagen; Simulator ($1,600) to Michael Caserta, Robby Suniga, and Kale Westover; Construction ($1,100) to Ethan Stager; and Construction ($1,250) to Vincente Fierro.

The McDowell Club presented awards to Chelsea Chargualaf ($750), John Morrow ($500), and Stacie Price ($500).

Western Oklahoma State College presented the following scholarships: WOSC Ambassador ($3,700) to Alfonso Hernandez, Aracely Santillan, Layne Boddy, and Rachel Gover; Agriculture ($400) to Reid Estes and Caitlin Von Tungeln; Agriculture (Cotton Growers) ($1,000) to Haley Holder; Beverly & Weaver Creed ($160) to Grace Fairchild; BPOE Elks Lodge 11126 ($500) to Jordyn Richards and Kaleb Evans; BPW Rhonda Belle George ($100) to Britney Espinosa; Cheerleading ($500) to Rachel Gover; Choral ($500) to Dexter Thomas and Diego Lopez; Choral ($400) to Hayden Smiley, Jordyn Richards, Katrina Goforth, and Grace Fairchild; Dr. & Mrs. Harold Haines ($650) to Caitlin Von Tungeln; Evelyn Fickessen Altus Alumni ($500) to Cody Charles; Foundation ($500) to Haley Holder and Lacy Moore; Hoyt Shadid ($212) to Victor Perez; Instrumental ($700) to Anthony Yeager, Justin Davidson, and Lindsey Guyette; Jess & Ola Thaggard ($185) to Britney Espinosa; Jim Bob Redelsperger ($500) to Reid Estes; Julia Osterhout & Elizabeth Shirley ($5,000) to Layne Boddy; Loreta Vaughn & Bill Walker ($315) to Grace Fairchild; Presidential Academic ($1,200) to James Trujillo, Parker Charping, and Lindsey Guyette; Presidential Academic ($1,000) to Lindsey Guyette; Presidential Academic ($800) to Rachel Gover; Roger & Sherry Teigen ($250) to Thompson Ho; Top 10 Academic ($1,200) to Ashley Martinez, Britney Espinosa, Hazel Salonga, Jordyn Richards, Teddie Gwinn, and Grace Fairchild; Tuition Waiver ($250) to Alex Hitts, Alfonso Hernandez, Reid Estes, and Thompson Ho; Tuition Waiver ($500) to Braxton Wenk, Layne Boddy, and Victor Perez; and William N. (Bill) Shafer ($285) to Alex Hitts.

Jesse Schettler received a $34,000 scholarship to Oral Roberts University, and Drew Thomas received a Merit Scholarship ($1,500) to Concordia University. 

Receiving the Dorothy A. Willis Scholarship ($600) was Kaleb Evans, and John Morrow was awarded the Oklahoma Elks Association Scholarship of $4,000.

The First United Methodist Church Francis Mock Scholarships went to Braxton Wenk ($1,000), Rachel Gover ($500), and John Morrow ($500).

Farm Credit of Enid presented a $1,000 scholarship to Alexandra Null, and Kiwanis Club of Altus awarded $500 each to Jesse Schettler, Jessica Kelsey, John Morrow, and Grace Fairchild.

Saint Francis of Assisi presented a scholarship ($300) to Stacie Price, and the Foresters Scholarship ($2,000) went to Layne Boddy. 

Hardin Simmons University presented a Dean's Scholarship of $28,000 and a School of Music Scholarship of $4,000 to Ericka Sollis.

The Ag Preference Scholarships ($500) went to Connor Cunningham and Molly Wakeman, and the Robert C. Byrd Scholarships ($6,000) went to Jesse Schettler and Chris Cheaney.

The Jackson County OSU Alumni Association presented $2,000 awards to Shelby Bailey and Alyssa Worrell, as well as $500 awards to Cody Nelson and Weston Kay.

Alexandra Null received a Freshman Achievement Scholarship ($3,000) to the University of Kansas, and Keaton Feller received a Bronco Merit Distinction Scholarship ($1,250) to the University of Central Oklahoma.

John Morrow was presented with the Masonic Essay Scholarship ($50).

Oklahoma Baptist University presented awards to the following students:  Matthew Gilstad received the Founders' Scholarship ($36,000); Caleb Martin received the President's Academic Scholarship, BGCO Camp Scholarship, Church Scholarship, Partnership (OBU Match), and Louise Prichard Scholarship ($43,200); and Ericka Sollis was presented with the Trustees' Academic Scholarship and BGCO Camp Scholarship ($32,000).

The University of Findlay presented a $52,000 scholarship to Ericka Sollis. 

The Sam Craig Memorial Band Scholarship ($250) went to Ericka Sollis, and the Ersa Kiker Band Scholarship ($250) went to Stacie Price.  The John Philip Sousa Band Award ($200) went to Chelsea Chargualaf.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University presented a Music Education Scholarship ($9,000) to Amanda Dann.

The Steven Willey Memorial Awards for the appreciation and love of music went to Grace Fairchild and Dexter Thomas.  The Allen Willis Memorial Awards for musical theater went to Hayden Smiley and John Morrow.  Receiving the Showstopper Show Choir Awards were Alexandra Null and Diego Lopez.  The AHS Choir Awards went to Stacie Price, Chris Cheaney, and Jordan Richards.  The AHS Choir Scholarships ($200) went to Jordan Brickhouse, Amanda Dann, and Jessica Roy.

The A.E.A. Frances Herron Award for Altus High School's top all-around graduate was presented to John Morrow.

Recognized for their achievement as Top 10 seniors were John Morrow, valedictorian; Jesse Schettler, salutatorian; and Stacie Price, Alexandra Null, Chris Cheaney, Molly Wakeman, Sarah Pope, Grace Fairchild, Jessica Kelsey, and Jordyn Richards.

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